Our Mission

The economic and environmental costs of energy aren’t just issues we must face in the future—they are issues we can address now. We at Green Gears are dedicated to helping businesses, institutions, and individuals do something concrete to cut vehicle related energy costs, energy consumption, and carbon emissions.


If you’d like to plug-in to smarter transportation, you’ve come to the right place.

What we’ve done so far

Green Gears was founded in 2007 to push smart transportation technology down to the consumer as efficiently as possible. Initially we focused on  PHEV conversions for individual consumers and fleet managers, as well as advanced charging technologies so people can more easily charge Plug-in vehicles.

Our leadership in this field is no more evident than in this simple statistic—Green Gears has performed 70% of the roughly 1,000 Prius plug-in conversions completed in the United States. In the area of fleet conversions, we’ve teamed with such forward-looking companies and institutions as Google, Pacific Gas & Electric, and numerous city and county agencies across the U.S.

For more information about Green Gears inductive charging systems pilot program click here.


Green Gears offers specialized training to fleet and independent technicians.

Hybrid Safety and Maintenance Course.

Purchasing new hybrid and plug-in vehicles is an excellent way for fleets and individuals to reduce fuel costs and vehicle emissions. With advanced vehicle technology comes the need for advanced technician training. Green Gears offers specialized technician training programs for fleet and independent technicians. Our one and three day Hybrid Safety Maintenance Course covers the basics of Toyota and Honda hybrid systems. Our training is based on auto maker recommended procedures and real world shop experience. Green Gears’ founders have operated automotive repair shops for over 25 years. We bring the experience and specialized knowledge needed to train technicians to repair hybrid and plug-in vehicles. For more information on training click here

Automotive Digest interviews our co-founder Nick Rothman at a alternative fuel conference: