Green Gears Featured on German Public Television Segment


A Television crew from the German equivalent of PBS filmed Brendan Cadam of Green Gears installing a Lithium battery system into a Toyota Prius. The television segment will be uploaded to this sight when available.

Green Gears Featured in San Francisco Newspapers 2008 wrap up


San Francisco Chronicle Article Below San Francisco Examiner article Below

Green Gears Inc. Maintains PHEV Prius for Jim Woolsey former Director of the CIA


Pat Cadam and Nick Rothman of Green Gears inc. with Jim Woolsey Jim Woolsey surprised many critics by becoming a strong advocate of Alternative fuel vehicles. He has sited importing oil as our formost national security issue. Green Gears Inc. keeps his PLug-in Hybrid Prius updated and also performs regular service on the vehicle.

Green Gears partners with Coulomb Tech, City Car Share and San Francisco to bring infrastructure to city hall


Green Gears worked to install front mounted charge ports and facilitated the partnership between Coulomb Tech and the City of San Francisco. This link goes to an article in Eco Geek that describes the project in greater detail. San Francisco Major Gavin Newsom announces the introduction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in front of city […]

Green Gears works with George Barris on Custom Prius


Green Gears was contracted to do a PHEV conversion for renown car builder George Barris. The project was featured in a Japanese car magazine and generated significant interest from auto manufactures’ buying agents who want to buy Hymotion PHEV units for testing purposes. Japanese magazine “Prius” PHEV unit pictured in lower right. Vehicle details have […]

Green Gears teaches Eco-Driving class – featured in Forbes Magazine


The following article printed in the December 08′ issue of Forbes Magazine to learn more about what Green Gears is doing to educate divers, save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. Click here to see complete article text.

Green Gears trains highschool students in Maui and installs 6 PHEV systems – featured in Hawaii Newspapers


Pat Cadam, Nick Rothman and Brendan Cadam of Green Gears traveled  to Oahu and Maui to convert 6 hybrid vehicles to PHEV drivetrain and train high school automotive technicians in training how to work with advanced battery systems. The six vehicles will be used by local electric utilities , universities and government offices. The following […]

Green Gears partners with AAA to educate San Francisco International Auto Show attendees


Nick Rothman of Green Gears and Pat Cadam of Green Gears and Pat’s Garage pictured at the 2008 San Francisco International Auto Show. We installed a PHEV battery live to help educate the show attendees about the fuel savings and environmental benefits of using a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). A video was shot before […]

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom commits to bring infrastructure, electric vehicles to the San Francisco Bay Area 11/20/08


Shai Agassi of Project Better Place, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Robert Kennedy Jr. talk after a press conference at San Francisco city hall. Pats Garage/ Green Gears was mentioned as one of the contributors towards making San Francisco the leader in adoption of Electric vehicles and reduction of CO2 emissions.San Francisco City and county […]

Green Gears coverts a vehicle to PHEV for Center Point Energy and attends the Austin Altcar Expo


Nick Rothman of Green Gears describes the conversion process to one of the automotive teachers at Austin Community College.  Green Gears partners with community Colleges to install PHEV batteries on site at automotive training facilities in order to help technicians in training learn about the cutting edge battery technology implemented in the PHEV conversion.