Green Gears converts 2 vehicles for Puget Sound Energy and Enterprise


Green Gears was contracted by  Enterprise Rent a Car and Puget Sound Energy to bring two PHEV vehicles to the Seattle area. Both vehicles were equiped with advanced V2Green data loggers and will be part of an ongoing study managed by Idaho National Labs to test the performance of PHEVs Nick Rothman prepares the battery […]

Green Gears works with V2Green on the AC Propulsion E Box

Brendan Cadam of Green Gears helps to update the V2Green data logger on PG&E’s AC Propulsion E Box. Pat Cadam and the whole gang take a ride in the completed EBox. This vehicle is Vehicle to Grid enabled. This means the car can power the electrical system of a home or business and vice versa

Hymotion Receives Carb Approval


Installation of Hymotion PHEV pack is in full swing now that the Hymotion PHEV system is full approved by CARB as well as crash tested. Initially customers were given experimental permits but now CARB has granted full approval of the Hymotion PHEV system. John and Richie are moving a crate into place for installation. Richie […]

Plug in 2008 Conference


The Plug in 2008 Conference held in San Jose was an excellent opportunity for consumers and Fleet buyers to learn more about Plug in Hybrid technologies. Both the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News ran articles that helped inform people who missed the show. Link to San Francisco Chronicle article Link to San […]

V2Green system installations


The V2Green data logger is the most valuable tool available for fleet operators who want to pinpoint how to save on fuel costs. The antenna transmits data to a wireless router once the car comes back home to the fleet yard or shop. The same antenna also receives GPS satellite data that will allow the […]

Rob Lowe’s Prius


Pat Cadam and Nick Rothman of Green Gears met with actor Rob Lowe in Santa Barbara to convert Lowe’s Prius to PHEV as well as provide driver’s training and vehicle support to maximize vehicle Mileage. Hymotion PHEV units are currently available for both individuals and fleets.

V 2 Green system installation


Nick Rothman and Seth Bridges Head Engineer from V2Green work together to install a data logger and charge management system. We can monitor the vehicles in real time using a cellular communications link. This system allows utilities to control load on the electric grid by adjusting charge rate on PHEV vehicles. Eventually we will send […]

UC Davis Vehicle conversions


Nick Rothman pictured installing a Hymotion Version 2 battery system in a Toyota Prius for University California Davis. Nick Rothman lead technician of Green Gears and Jim Strong the Service Manager of A123 systems Hymotion division work together on the installation of version 2 PHEV battery systems for UC Davis.

San Francisco Press Conference


Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the San Francisco has added 3 PHEVs to the vehicle fleet. The Mayor made a very compelling speech about the importance of switching to electricity as an alternative to gasoline for social, economic and environmental reasons. Pat Cadam and Gavin Newsom pose for a photo in front of one of the […]

San Francisco County Three Vehicle Conversion


John Peters of Pat’s Garage and Green Gears is in the process of installing one of San Francisco City and County’s PHEV systems. PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) technology adds to the efficiency of regular hybrid-electric vehicles and minimizes your carbon footprint. Lithium-ion batteries in the rear of the vehicle store electricity that feeds an […]