Green Gears Installs Gen II Inductive Charger at Google


This is the second iteration of the cutting edge wireless Charging system installed at the Google Campus by Green Gears Photos show Nick Rothman and Brendan Cadam of Green Gears installing hardware on site at the Google Campus  

Green Gears installs the first inductive charge station on the West Coast at Google

google 10

The cutting edge inductive charge station installed at the Google campus August 2 2012 is one of only a handful of fully functional automatic inductive charge stations in the United States. This ground breaking technology allows an EV driver to simply pull into the charge station parking space and charging of the battery begins automatically. […]

Green Gears signs on as installation partner for Plugless Power


Green Gears will be the first  installer of Plugless Power inductive charging systems in Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt vehicles. Green Gears will handle the vehicle technology adaptation while Sears will be the official installer of  home electrical portion of the Plugless Power inductive chargers. See the Plugless Power website for more info.   […]

Google and PG&E PHEV Systems Installations 9/07


This photo shows the Google and PG&E purchased PHEV systems that Green Gears installed and maintains.

Google and PG&E Escape PHEVs- Tech


We can create a data link to the pack. We can see. -Realtime data -Set parameters -Review recorded data The data logger can store 2-4 gb of high resolution data files for review. This is a Ford Escape pack removed from the vehicle. This is an interesting pack. The blue straps seen on the sides […]

Google and PG&E Escape PHEVs 9/07


John Peters, Pat Cadam and Nick Rothman of Pats Garage and Green Gears talking about the Ford Escape PHEV Systems Finished Vehicles ready for pick up.

Google PHEV Installs- 2006


The Google Plug in Hybrid Vehicles parked at Pat’s Garage in San Francisco. Middle stage of installation shown. More information on the Google vehicles can be found at John Peters and Nick Rothman pictured building pack components prior to system installation. The Google PHEV vehicles have been test driven and are now ready to […]