Green Gears undertakes largest fleet conversion project to date.


California Department of General Services will convert about 70 Toyota Prius vehicles to PHEV. The procurement of over 70 PHEVs  is the largest fleet conversion to date.  Green Gears along with two other California auto shops will convert the fleet of Hybrid vehicles to PHEV in November 09. Photo by Daniel Furon

Green Gears upgrades Satish Dharmaraj’s Famous Prius


One of the original creators of email for mobile phones Satish Dharmaraj contracted renown car builder George Barris to create the most distinctive and modern Hybrid that money can buy. The finished vehicle is a show stopper. It also has  in car wireless internet for surfing the web while you are driving around town.     […]

Green Gears partners with Coulomb Tech, City Car Share and San Francisco to bring infrastructure to city hall


Green Gears worked to install front mounted charge ports and facilitated the partnership between Coulomb Tech and the City of San Francisco. This link goes to an article in Eco Geek that describes the project in greater detail. San Francisco Major Gavin Newsom announces the introduction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in front of city […]

Green Gears works with George Barris on Custom Prius


Green Gears was contracted to do a PHEV conversion for renown car builder George Barris. The project was featured in a Japanese car magazine and generated significant interest from auto manufactures’ buying agents who want to buy Hymotion PHEV units for testing purposes. Japanese magazine “Prius” PHEV unit pictured in lower right. Vehicle details have […]

Green Gears trains highschool students in Maui and installs 6 PHEV systems – featured in Hawaii Newspapers


Pat Cadam, Nick Rothman and Brendan Cadam of Green Gears traveled  to Oahu and Maui to convert 6 hybrid vehicles to PHEV drivetrain and train high school automotive technicians in training how to work with advanced battery systems. The six vehicles will be used by local electric utilities , universities and government offices. The following […]

Rob Lowe’s Prius


Pat Cadam and Nick Rothman of Green Gears met with actor Rob Lowe in Santa Barbara to convert Lowe’s Prius to PHEV as well as provide driver’s training and vehicle support to maximize vehicle Mileage. Hymotion PHEV units are currently available for both individuals and fleets.

San Francisco Press Conference


Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the San Francisco has added 3 PHEVs to the vehicle fleet. The Mayor made a very compelling speech about the importance of switching to electricity as an alternative to gasoline for social, economic and environmental reasons. Pat Cadam and Gavin Newsom pose for a photo in front of one of the […]

UC Davis and AAA test Plug-ins in American households


Green Gears was contracted to instal advanced Plug-in Hybrid battery systems and specialized cellular data loggers into a small fleet of Toyota Prius vehicles for University of California Davis. The modified vehicles are to be used in a driver behavior study by UC Davis and AAA auto club San Francisco Chronicle news paper article and images related […]