Whether you’re considering ways to cut your fleet fuel consumption or are just curious about the current state of green transportation, we at Green Gears are here to answer your questions. To see what we’re doing, check out our blog, or click below for answers to frequently asked questions about Plug-in vehicle technology  and Training.

Q: How can I reduce my fleet emissions without buying new vehicles?

Green Gears Eco Driving Classes are an effective low cost way to reduce your fleet fuel consumption and emissions by as much as 30%. Click here to read more.

Q: How do I record and report fleet emissions reductions if I buy advanced vehicles for my fleet?

Green Gears has implemented data collection and reporting related to advanced vehicle technology for numerous Government and private fleets. We can help your fleet record and report emissions and fuel consumption Learn more.

Q: What is Inductive Charging?

Inductive Charging is a new way to charge EVs like Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt without plugging in. Charge energy is transferred magnetically from an inductive charge unit mounted in a parking space to a specially modified Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. This is the same technology used in your electric toothbrush. Inductive charging is the best way to ensure that your fleet vehicles are always charged since forgetting to plug in is no longer an issue, charging starts automatically once the vehicle is parked. Learn more.

Q:How do Toyota Prius PHEV conversions work?

Essentially, a PHEV conversion consists of installing a battery in the wheel well of a Prius that is then connected to the engine. The battery is charged by plugging in to a regular electrical outlet. The conversion itself takes one day to complete. Learn more.